Why it’s good

If you’re used to a slower connection, fibre broadband access opens up new opportunities for reliable, fast and consistent internet provision for your home or business.

  • – More people can go online at the same time. With multiple devices such as laptops, tablets and smartphones now available this is ideal for families and home businesses.
    – TV on-demand. You’ll be able to stream high definition (HD) movies and sport, or watch catch-up services like BBC iPlayer, with fewer interruptions.
    – Video calling. Skype your friends and relatives, seeing and speaking to them in real time, even on the other side of the world.

  • – Work from home. Reliable broadband means you can be as productive at home as you are in an office.
    – Work collaboratively. Online file-sharing and video-conferencing mean you can work with other people wherever they are, and reduce time spent travelling.
    – Work in real time. No more annoying lags or pauses for media-heavy files.

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    Yubikey Case Study – Click Here

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    VinTeage Case Study – Click Here

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    Ollerenshaw IT Case Study – Click Here

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    Reach Case Study – Click Here

  • Here you will find useful information on the Superfast Surrey Programme including brochures, posters, factsheets, videos and infographics.

    Media Releases

    News release March 2015 – Completion of main phase of contract- Click Here

    News release September 2014 – 500th cab and Phase 5 completion – Click Here

    News release July 2014 – Superfast Surrey more than 75% complete – Click Here


    Wi-fi posters for your business – Click Here
    Download and save to your computer before printing off to display, so your customers know that they can access the internet when they are with you.


    Superfacts Infographic – Getting Faster Online in Surrey – Click Here

    Superfacts Infographic – Doing Business Faster Online – Click Here

    Superfacts Infographic – Internet Use – Click Here


    Dr Nicola Millard: The future of Work
    Click Here

    Dr Nicola Millard: Web chat video
    Click Here

    Dr Nicola Millard: Work place trends
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    Dr Nicola Millard: Serving the social customer video
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    Dr Nicola Millard: How small businesses can become more productive video
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    Professor Ginny Gibson: How Flexible working benefits you
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    Professor Ginny Gibson: Are you missing out on business opportunities?
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    Fact Sheets

    Making the most of a fibre broadband connection – Click Here

    Agriculture fact sheet – Click Here

    Arts fact sheet – Click Here

    Cloud Computing fact sheet – Click Here

    Construction fact sheet – Click Here

    Cost reduction fact sheet – Click Here

    Education fact sheet – Click Here

    Going Digital fact sheet – Click Here

    Hospitality fact sheet – Click Here

    Improving Communications fact sheet – Click Here

    IT fact sheet – Click Here

    Professional Services fact sheet – Click Here

    Retail fact sheet – Click Here

    Sell More fact sheet – Click Here

    Start-Up Fact sheet – Click Here

    Web site Fact sheet – Click Here