What is it?

Superfast Surrey has extended the fibre broadband network to homes and businesses across the county where it wasn’t economically viable for commercial companies to provide access. Funded through Surrey County Council, BT and BDUK (Broadband delivery UK), the project is expected to have a huge positive impact on the economic and social development of Surrey – an economic benefit calculated at more than £30m (World Bank estimate – based on GDP) every year.

As well as improving local economies, fibre broadband will change the way people work, connect and communicate by supporting new ways of flexible working and bringing a huge boost to our rural businesses.

In the past four years, the programme has delivered fibre broadband infrastructure to more than 86,000 premises and the main phase of the programme has been completed. 96% of all Surrey residents are now able to access fibre download speeds of 15mbps or above and this is anticipated to increase to 97% by 2018 due to additional commercial deployment plans.