Open Market Review

The Superfast Surrey project contract awarded to BT in 2012 is approaching the end of the delivery phase, and Surrey County Council (SCC) has decided that in order to fully understand the extent of the remaining challenge, and how best to focus any remaining funding, the council would embark on a further Open Market Review (OMR).

As part of this process SCC is looking to make contact with existing broadband network providers within our geographical area.

We are seeking to capture an updated view of suppliers’ commercial coverage with a view to defining the legal baseline of a potential new intervention. The areas where public funds can legally be deployed (the ‘Intervention Area’) are defined under European Commission state aid rules.

A copy of the letter which has now been issued to the appropriate broadband network providers can be seen here.

Interested parties please note that this activity is a pre cursor to the Public Consultation due to take place in the Autumn which will give Surrey residents and businesses the opportunity to comment on the proposed Intervention Area.